As the first ZI WEI FENG SHUI ACADEMY incorporated in Malaysia, the Zi Wei Feng Shui Academy is a proper institute for learning this fine art of Metaphysics. It is aimed at developing the Chinese culture of Destiny Analysis and to provide proper training in ¡°Zi Wei Dou Shu¡± and ¡°Zi Wei Feng Shui¡±.

Founder & Principal Leong


It foregoes superstition to allow students to become Professional Consultants and to understand the original meaning of Chinese Astrology based on scientific theories and explanations to meet modern needs. It allows one to incorporate the essence of Chinese wisdom into everyday living, be it in the field of commerce and industry, management decisions, financial arrangements or for personal cultivation, bringing much benefits to us!


The institute led by Master Trainer CP Ng is the first lineage of disciples for the ¡°Flying Star Zi Wei Dou Shu¡± from Taiwan and he is the first to teach ¡°Flying Star Zi Wei Dou Shu¡± in Malaysia. He has successfully trained many proficient pupils in his years of teaching. Many of his top students have become successful Zi Wei Consultants as well as Authors of Zi Wei Books.




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  • Proper Institute
    .: The first, Zi Wei Dou Shu Academy in Malaysia to be registered by the Government.


  • Professional Teachers
    .: Professional guidance by Master Trainer CP NG from the ¡°Flying Star¡± Lineage of Taiwan. He is the first generation of "Si Hua" disciples and has 20 years of teaching and practical experience.


  • Professional Teaching
    .: Well-planned syllabus starting from basics, making it easy to learn and understand! Free revision class to ensure students are well-versed in what they have learnt.


  • Enriched Information
    .: Complete with the latest Zi Wei information in the market, with more than 500 books on Zi Wei Dou Shu and ancient classics of knowledge in its research library.


  • Issuance of Certificate
    .: ¡°Course Completion Certificate¡± will be issued.
    .: Choice of obtaining the ¡°Diploma¡± from our Academy.


Master Trainer - Master C P NG


  • 1983 - Graduated from University of Feng Jia, Taiwan
  • 1991 - Completed research of Flying Star Lineage of Zi Wei Dou Shu
  • 1992 - Committee Member of 8th International I-Ching World Congress
  • 1999 - Committee Member of Kuala Lumpur I-Ching Association
  • 2002 - Zi Wei Lecturer of Malaysian I-Ching Zi Wei Dou Shu Association
  • 2004 - Chief Editor of ¡°Yi Ben¡± Weekly Magazine on Zi Wei Q&A
  • 02-05 Presenter on Miracles of Fortune Analysis in TV2 Special Feature
  • 03-05 Zi Wei Lecturer of Malaysian I-Ching Research Association
  • 2005 - Deputy President of Malaysian I-Ching Research Association
  • 2006 - Chief Editor of Life Publications Newspaper on Zi Wei Q&A
  • 2006 - Chief Editor of Fengshui Weekly Magazine on Zi Wei Q&A
  • 2006 - Master Trainer of Zi Wei Fengshui Academy Malaysia

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Master Trainer - Master Leonard Tham


  • Metaphysics Science :
    ¡° Si Hua ¡± Zi Wei Astrology, ¡° San He ¡± Zi Wei Astrology, Classical San He & San Yuan Fengshui, Classical BaZi, ZeRi Date Selection, Qi Men Dun Jia Tactical Strategy, Xuan Kong Purple White Divination, Mian Xiang Physiognomy, Plum Blossom Numerology and Traditional Yi Jing Divination.

  • Healing Arts :
    Pranic Clairvoyance & Aura Cleansing ( Philippines ), Quantum Touch ( USA ), Kundalini Yoga 3rd Eye Meditation ( India ), Shaolin & Guolin Qigong ( China ), Sundarshan Kriya ( India ), Longevitology ( Taiwan ) & Reiki ( Japan ).

  • ¡° Walking the Dragons ¡± China Macro Landforms Fengshui Research with Master Joey Yap :
  • 2005 - Nanjing, Jinhua, Zhengzhou, Beijing

    2006 - Xian, Changsa, Huangshan, Shanghai, Shenyang

    2007 - Hangzhou, Ningbo, Guangan, LeShan, Ermei, Chengdu

    2008 - TaiAn, QuFu, QingDao, JingDeZhen, WuYuan, YingTan, GanZhou, NingDu, GuangZhou.


  • Dear Students & Friends,

    In response to the constant requests from Enthusiasts as well as Practitioners of Zi Wei Dou Shu - Purple Star Astrology from around the World to produce an English Book on Flying Star Zi Wei Dou Shu for the benefit of the English speaking community, we are very pleased to announce that the First Complete English Book on ¡° Si Hua - Zi Wei Dou Shu ¡± in the World is now available in all major Bookstores at MPH, Popular, Times, Borders and Kinokuniya at RM 88.

    Students and Friends of Zi Wei Feng Shui Academy can get their copy from the Academy at RM 75, after a Special 15% Rebate.


    This compact and informative Zi Wei Handbook will provide a basic and yet comprehensive guidance to assist Beginners to gain a deeper understanding of this enlightening Destiny Science while Practitioners will also discover new decoding techniques to apply in their daily consults.


    It not only nurtures the fundamental knowledge for Enthusiasts seeking further insight into the amazing world of Zi Wei Dou Shu but also enhances the skills of Practitioners who will find the methods useful to their Professional Practice.


    Please contact Master CP Ng - 019 3380645 to reserve your copy.